Recruitment Drive

Several weeks ago, my fellow members held a recruitment drive on our school’s campus. We set up in a high-traffic area after an 11:00 class and started talking to people as they passed by. We asked them about their grievances with politics today, and at a public community college in a blue state, you can imagine what types of answers we got. “The wage gap”, “Income inequality”, and “Donald Trump’s racism” were common answers. As my fellow members and I explained, the wage gap simply isn’t true, and income inequality could be lessened by opening up the free market to allow anyone to enter the market for next to nothing and be competitive with other businesses, eventually growing their company to employ others, so on and so forth. Again, we go to a public community college, so most people blew us off with an answer like, “Capitalism isn’t consistent with human nature!” and “Without government regulations monopolies would control the U.S.!”

We clipboarded for three hours and no one would give us their contact info and most people called us stupid Republicans even though none of us are Republicans, and we even got called racist a few times. All in all, I’d like to try it again and maybe not debunk anything they say next time. We will just invite them to our meetings and hope that some show up.

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