Recruitment drive and chapter update at Duke University

This semester we have been putting forth our efforts to try to reinvigorate and revamp the YAL chapter at Duke. After Duke Libertarians disbanded a few years ago, a YAL chapter was started. But the chapter never really took off past the “book club” stage
With the fantastic help and support from our state chair Chris Nosko, we are off the ground and running. We have been tabling in the Student Union every Thursday. In the process, we’ve met a lot of students and gathered many signups. More importantly, the interest in the dire need for liberty at Duke is high.
Tabling at the student union
We held our first meeting in over a year. We had around twenty students show up at the meeting, none of which were previously involved in YAL. Many of them already came with fantastic activism ideas on what the liberty movement at Duke should look like from here on out.
Talking to so many people on campus from a variety of backgrounds, we have come to realization that everyone is a libertarian, they just don’t know it yet. If we can explain the case of the liberty movement to anyone who has a willingness to listen and think critically, then we can find common ground with anyone.
We are very excited for more activism events this year. For the remaining weeks of the semester and into next semester we are focusing on free speech, civil disobedience and the national debt. We have a speaker, Professor Kimberly Brownlee, coming from the University of Warwick to talk about civil disobedience. 
We will update when we have our national debt event in the coming weeks! Someone had the great idea of reading pages and pages of wasteful spending on the quad. We will also incorporate a national debt visual.
We are very excited for the future of this YAL chapter and spreading the message of liberty on our campus. 
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