Recruitment Drive and Collaboration Event

On the second week of classes, YAL at UH started up our recruitment drive for the spring semester. Nathan, our Texas State Chair, came out to Houston to help recruit and teach us how to use the 10 question political quiz. We had never used the quiz or the chart to gain new members. Once we started using it, many students started showing an interest in joining YAL. The political quiz is a simple and easy way to see if an individual is a good target for YAL. That night many YAL leaders in Houston gathered at Midtown Bar and Grill to speak about the future of the Liberty Movement in the Houston area. Our two Texas State Chairs spoke about their plans to make Texas the best it’s ever been.

A week or two after our first recruitment drive of the semester College Republicans, College Democrats, and Young Americans for Liberty gathered at Calhoun’s Roof top to watch the Cruz v Sanders debate.  The evening started out with a member of CR and CD taking the stage to debate about healthcare, the wall, and other issues facing the nation.  After the pregame debate all of the groups came together to enjoy the big show.  During the event YAL ended up recruiting new members from College Democrats, Progressive Student Alliance, and College Republicans. Many of these individuals were turned off by the two major parties and wanted to join the a groups taking part in real activism on campus and throughout their community. 

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