Recruitment Drive at Ashland University

Ashland had its first Recruitment Drive of the semester on Friday the 26th of January, bringing about twenty sign-ups and handing out a substantial amount of merchandise. The biggest draw for students passing by was the opportunity to take the political quiz, which were a majority of the sign-ups. Though some of the students who took the quiz found themselves outside the libertarian sector, a vast majority were libertarians or on the border of being one. Only a couple students were expecting to find themselves on the libertarian side of things, and more than a few expressed outright surprise. Though some were busy and had to move on, some were able to stay and talk to the YAL members tabling and learned more about liberty as a result.

The Ashland chapter benefited from the good location, directly outside the campus restaurant, and used it to their advantage. Students going into the restaurant were left to themselves unless they expressed interest on their own, but students leaving were approached, to avoid bothering hungry students just looking for a meal. Ohio State Chair Kevin Cline was also in attendance, and was able to help the Ashland members as they recruited for YAL. All in all, it was a resounding success, and AU’s chapter is still going strong into this next semester.

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