Recruitment Drive at Capital University

Starting Up

As a new organization at Capital University, this was our first time tabling at the annual organization fair put on by the Office of Student and Community Engagement. With the help of a brand new tabling kit, picked up at YAL con 2k15 and some friends from other organizations we were able to be one of the most successful tables on campus. 

Making New Friends f

While most student organizations at the fair were able to score between 20 and 50 sign ups we pulled off over 100!  We were placed directly across from the campus democrats, which at first was a point of ire, however they eventually all came over and took our quiz.  One of their exec board members (pictured) even scored in the Libertarian cell.  

It turned out to be a great placement and I’m sure that it’s the start of something great for this fall semester!

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