Recruitment Drive at Carroll University

On February 20th we held a tabling event outside of our Main Dinning Room promoting a discussion on the 2nd Amendment. In the wake of the horrific shooting down in Florida there has been an out cry for gun control and to figure out how to stop these senseless killings. We thought as a chapter that this was a great opportunity to get out on campus and educate the student body on the Second Amendment, as well as have a much needed discussion about the topic. We conducted a poll as well asking students if they thought that teachers and professors should be allowed to conceal carry a fire arm on school grounds. The results were that 2/3 of Carroll University students believe that students and professors should be allowed to conceal carry on campuses.

We partnered this event with a discussion on gun control, the 2nd Amendment, and conceal carry on campuses. We had great turnout and a great discussion. There was an overwhelmingly show of support for the Second Amendment and conceal carry on campuses by the group. If we do not have the right to bare arms than there is no way to protect any of our other rights.

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