Recruitment Drive at CNM’s chapter

On September 7th, 2017 Central New Mexico had there first ever table-ling event, we started the event at 8 in the morning and finished the event around 10:00am. Jess and I were the ones at the table for the whole event. We started off kind of slow but when classes got out more people came out and signed up to receive emails from Jess to find out about our first meeting of the semester. We met lots of people who cared a lot about a specific issue, for example we had a girl who talked to us about the DACA program that trump had just ended, someone asked our opinion on gun rights and when we stated them the person said “right now, me too!” We met people who were trying to start an Americans for Prosperity chapter at Central New Mexico. People took our constitutions, and our stickers. We got 15-20 sign-ups which is more than we have ever gotten. We had our first meeting that following Wednesday were we joined UNM’s chapter and got a few new people interested in joining the CNM chapter. Overall Jess and I were very happy with how the event went and can’t wait to do our next recruiting event!

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