Recruitment Drive at Eastern Universities Homecoming

Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern University held a Recruitment Drive at our Homecoming. Despite the rainy and cold day we managed to have some success. We were surrounded by a variety of clubs and organizations ranging from the Engineering Club to our Slam Poetry club to our sports teams. It was an amazing atmosphere and awesome to be included. We had the opportunity to converse with many current students and alumni. I noticed that we attracted some of the older crowd that were adamant in upholding the Constitution.

It was awesome to be recognized for what we stand for and do in order to make colleges a place freedom. We were out there for five hours and managed to collect a dozen sign ups, with a few people showing major interest in our club. We hope to continue spreading liberty on campus and educating people on their rights. We are looking towards having a Free Speech ball event in the coming weeks due to its popularity last semester.


We hope that everyone else is having success, doing what they love!

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