Recruitment Drive at Explore-U

With the assistance of the Leadership Instituite, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Minnesota had quite the successful Fall Recruitment Drive at our student org fair: Explore-U. From the Burritos had beforehand to the 150+ sign-ups, the fair was a distinct success for YAL.

Chip and Burrito Preparation

Our most successful gimmick for getting sign-ups, however, was the “Ron Swanson Meat Raffle” where we held a raffle, in which all sign-ups were automatically entered, giving away a gift card to Outback Steakhouse. Thanks again to Craig Dixon and John Osbourne from the Leadership Institute for coming out to help us get sign-ups, with their “free speech polos” (white polo shirts from Wal-Mart that anyone could write on with a sharpie, with no limits placed on them.

John Osbourne on Campus

Craig Dixon's Genius Marketing

Although we could only have a few people there at any one time, the officers in attendance worked continuously in concert with our LI friends to get the signups. These officers, our fearless leader Nathan Amundson, our even more fearless vice-president, Chaz Fenske, our slightly less-fearless (Catching a theme here?) Secretary, Ethan Johnson, and Joe Dillon IV, our — you guessed it — fearless Executive Director never gave up, or got discouraged.

Close the deal

In the face of We Don’t Understand Economics 2016 supporters (who tend to favor independent socialism within the Democratic Party) coming over to heckle our recruitment team, and the long 4-hour block of time holding signs and clipboards, we still managed to project energy, though we didn’t have time to take very many photos.

Ethan Johnson Expanding our list

We go into this school year with a strong list, and a vision of hope and recruitment for the upcoming school year!!

Chaz Fenske's Sign-Holding SkillzFreedom of Speech featuring Chaz Fenske

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