Recruitment Drive at Jacksonville State

The YAL chapter at Jacksonville State University recently held a recruitment drive at the quad on our campus. It was quite a windy day, so while setting up we had to hold down the table with various books and other items. We were able to engage with ten different students and asked them if they knew what YAL was, and if they had whether or not they had heard of libertarianism or classical liberalism. Some of the students knew, and some did not. Some students even showed interest in becoming more involved in the chapter. 
We were able to give them a basic understanding of what YAL stands for and how important the liberty movement is. We are planning a new event centering around free-speech and a screening of “Can We Take A Joke” in early April.  Overall, the recruitment drive was a good way to reach out to students on campus and inform them on different events we have planned for this semester.  
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