Recruitment Drive at Lindenwood’s Activities Fair

My first task as President of Young Americans for Liberty was setting up a Recruitment Drive at Lindenwood’s annual activities fair for students! The activities fair lined up perfectly with the time I had planned to do my recruitment drive, which was great because the activities fair is always hosted in one of the most high traffic areas of Lindenwood’s campus – a perfect place to start recruiting for my chapter and making our presence known here on campus!

I began working as soon as I received my recruitment drive materials from Young Americans for Liberty. I attached our chart along with our “Do You Support Liberty?” quiz to the board, and also pictures of activism events that Lindenwood’s chapter would be hosting in the future! Seeing all of the supplies that were sent to me for the recruitment drive made me even more excited and ready to get Lindenwood’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty up and running.

Preparing the materials!

Once I arrived at the recruitment drive I set up our Young Americans for Liberty table right near the entrance to the food court in Evans Commons where the activities fair was being held – as students walked into the food court I handed them flyers and asked if they wanted to find out if they support liberty! Most students had not heard of our organization on campus yet, so they were interested immediately in what this whole take our quiz thing was about! 

Table at the Activities Fair

My chapter of Young Americans for Liberty did not have a banner at this point, so I set up my laptop with the background of our organization so that anyone who approached the table would know who we are, and would ask questions! I laid out all of the materials – including my sign-up clipboard! 

President at the Recruitment Drive

Though I was the only member of my chapter at this point – this was such an exciting day for me. I finally found an organization that I completely support and can get excited about, and in turn – get others excited about liberty too!

A student, Mason, approached me halfway through the day and immediately gave me a high five, saying “I’ve been waiting for this organization to start at Lindenwood – where is your sign-up sheet?!” This was so incredibly encouraging and Mason is now an avid supporter of our organization on campus now, and one of our first official members! It was interactions like these that make me proud to be the president of Lindenwood’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty!

I left with 30 or more students contact information, and handed out dozens of flyers to other students. One student approached me and she told me that she had already seen my chapter because I had followed her with YAL Lindenwood’s official instagram and twitter! It was nice to see all my work setting up networking sites paying off, and great to see students asking questions about Young Americans for Liberty on campus! I can hardly wait for my next activism event on campus! I am ready to get students excited about liberty!

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