Recruitment Drive at Missouri University of Science and Technology Goes Great!

Our YAL chapter at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, was a great success, albeit successful for odd reasons. Most of the interaction we had on the person-to-person level was met with “I can’t make the meeting times.” However, we were able to get their contact info, which means we can get them info about major events like the Spring Summits, as many of the potential members who couldn’t make meetings still seemed interested in those events.

In addition, some of those members communicated to friends that were interested in liberty that we had meetings when we had them, and we got 4 new people at our meeting that day. While the total amount of new people wasn’t too high, the few new members who are now recurring attendees were worth the time. We also got some great pamphlets from FEE passed out to a number of interested students!

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