Recruitment Drive at Southern Utah University


On Thursday, August 29th, Southern Utah University had their annual club fair to start off the school year. Our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had the opportunity to host a table at the event to recruit new students to our organization. Using the recruitment drive provided through YAL National, we used the World’s Shortest Political Quiz to recruit new members.

We set our table up with literature, as well as with the quizzes for the students to take. We attracted people from all over the spectrum, including students involved in the Young Democrats and College Republicans on our campus. Many people, after taking our quiz, were interested in finding out more about what YAL is and does. We informed them of our meeting times and told them that our first meeting was going to be an introduction to the organization. We had 22 new sign-ups for our chapter!

We found the recruitment tools to be successful in helping us find new students to recruit to our campus. The even was fun, and the quiz was a really useful tool to introduce ourselves to students and prospective recruits. We definitely found the tool to be useful and affective for our organization.

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