Recruitment Drive at St. Norbert College

Unfortunately our recruitment drive wasn’t as stellar as we had hoped.  As a new chapter, we didn’t have enough members to do things like flyering, dorm storming, or tabling.  However, we were still able to recruit nearly 50 people from announcements, the Student Involvement Fair, and Constitution Day.

Students at table

September 13, our Student Involvement Fair, was the highlight of our recruitment drive where we recruited 37 new students!  We had a fairly good table, with lots of great free materials from some very generous groups.  We had so much in fact, that we even made 50 custom YAL folders.  We bought fifty 10 cent folders from Wal-Mart, and put the YAL logo on the front cover.  We then filled the folders with YAL palm cards, YAL stickers, and free materials from other liberty supporters. 

As a word of caution, if you plan to do this, watch what goes inside the folders.  Some of the materials you receive may be controversial to some students.  While we don’t want to be politically correct, but we still want to be politically savvy.  Know your campus and tailor your folders to them.  At this stage, we are trying to simply recruit, not persuade.  Or you can always have multiple folders for students who support different issues. 

We ended up giving out 37 of the 50 folders, and they seemed to be a hit.  More people took them than the free stuff that was just sitting on the table.

We were also lucky enough to have an OPH at our table!  There were quite a few students who were interested in the quiz.  We found about 4 libertarians and a statist, although most were dispersed between the left-right paradigm.  The only thing we have to say about the OPH is that it requires a little bit of attention, and works better if you have someone who can be a full-time operator of it at your event.

Student taking quiz

Close-up of table

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