Recruitment Drive at Stanislaus State | 9-6-17

On Wednesday, September 6th, the Stanislaus State chapter for Young Americans for Liberty went out on campus and had a very successful event and subsequent follow-up to our meeting that following Thursday. We came prepared with our banner, our props, and good attitude towards attracting students towards liberty. One of the cooler parts of the tabling day was having newer members taking the initiative in talking to students. One of our members, Eric Carr, spent his first time out tabling getting signatures, emails, and phone numbers which helped boost the number of attendees at the Thursday meeting.

On that Thursday meeting, we had a turn-out of fifteen people attending, which was really awesome and heartening to see. It was a great event and enabled us to get not only the ideas of liberty across, but put some wind in our sails regarding future endeavors including interest in hosting speakers, and even a proposed dodge ball tournament for charity with the on-campus Democratic Party Club.

There’s been some interesting developments for the organization since we started back in December of 2016, but we’re growing steadily and this recent event and meeting date only makes us more excited for what the future has in store us.

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