Recruitment Drive at The College of Charleston Organization Fair

On August 27, the College of Charleston chapter of Young Americans for Liberty attended the College’s Student Organization Fair for our first tabling event. We set up our framed Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the large collection of classical liberal books provided by YAL. The Cistern was full of new students who were interested in getting involved in campus.

The event started off great. Not only were we bombarded with students willing to sign up and learn more about YAL, but we also received a large number of students who were looking for “the libertarian club.” Many of us were pleased to be able to discuss some of the core principles of libertarianism, which was very unique for students at a very liberal college. These students were already coming into college with the knowledge of how liberty advances society.

Overall, we received 45 signatures from interested activists, and we will likely see these numbers grow. This is especially true since it is an election year where in which the two major candidates are historically disliked. The large interest in YAL at the fair was proof that the hard work and activism efforts from other YAL chapters has been successful. YAL has shown hundreds of thousands of people the ideas of liberty. These students are the future of this organization not because they are libertarian, but because they are devoted to the ideas of liberty that YAL stands for every day. These are the moments that make the hard work worth it: when people show up determined to fight for liberty, and all because of the efforts of every YAL activist. Thank you!

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