Recruitment Drive at the Spring Hill College Badger Expo!!!


On August 29, I took it uponmyself to turn out at the Spring Hill College Badger Expo with the hope that I could recruit some students and start a proper YAL chapter at this prestigious Jesuit institution. 

By my standards, it was a success!

The Badger Expo was interesting in that it was an opportunity for outside groups from a variety of backgrounds and commercial interests to make a play for the interests of the hearts and minds of Spring Hill College students.

This was my first tabling experience since turning over the University of South Alabama Chapter to the students who had been recruited last Spring.

This also could turn out to be my only opportunity to recruit at Spring Hill College due to the unique and exclusive nature of the institution.

I had to succeed in recruiting students at this expo because, unlike at the University of South Alabama, I must be a student in order to set up a recruitment table during any non-sanctioned time at this private institution.


Fortunately, I found there were many students who took a liking to the ideas of Liberty and it was a pleasure for me to convey the principles and integrity of our ideas to a variety of students from different interests and persuasions.  Not only was I fortunate that these students signed up; but our follow-up, informational meeting was also a success. We now have the framework to carry on at Spring Hill College and secure other recruitment opportunities throughout the school year and offer incredible professional and intellectual opportunities to liberty-minded Spring Hill students.

I would like to thank our donors for their help in supplying the materials necessary to carry out this great work! In conjunction with the University of South Alabama chapter, the Spring Hill College chapter is moving along unimpeded and the community of Mobile and Mobile county are slowly building the institutional framework for liberty at the grass roots.





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