Recruitment Drive at the University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty came out swinging on Wednesday to show off our true libertarian colors!

As president of our chapter, it never ceases to amaze me how many self-identifying libertarians we find on campus. At one point, I found myself chatting with a woman who organizes one of the grad programs on campus about the plights of the U.S.’s costly foreign entanglements in the Middle Eastand the rest of the world, for that matter—lamenting to me that those who truly value fiscal responsibility should be opposed to these perpetual wars. Another conservation, this time with a college student, began when he asked me with a smile if the brownies we were selling a part of our fundraising were made of actual cannabis. I told him with a chuckle, “No, but I wish!”.  We then began talking about the importance of the Second Amendment as the greatest check on government tyranny.

The Faces of Liberty at UB

Sometimes, it’s really comforting knowing that you’re not the only libertarian on campus, and I’m happy to say that that’s how a lot of the people who spoke to me felt on Wednesday. All in all, our event was a huge success.

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