Recruitment Drive at The University of Colorado, Denver!

The University of Colorado-Denver recently held a recruitment drive and it was a blast. While we tabled we had students actively taking the political quiz. We brought in people with different political ideologies. We also found a lot of liberty-minded students on campus.

Our Vice President!

We spent the afternoon talking to students about the ideas behind promoting liberty on campus and educating them on safe space zones and free speech zones on college campuses.

Although CU Denver hasn’t had a free speech zone in a while, there has been word of a safe space zone since the Mizzou incident. We are working hard to make sure we are educating students on the infringement of free speech on campus. 

Campus is Roaming with Liberty Lovers

Our chapter is also promoting our next event, incarceration nation, which will take place on February 18th. After we perform incarceration nation, we will be working on a debate watch party and then a free speech wall.

Liberty is strong at CU Denver! 

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