Recruitment Drive at The University of New Orleans

Our chapter’s second year on campus started out with a bang. We held a very successful recruitment drive and increased our numbers by adding new members!


Our recruitment strategy was divided into two key parts and three key events. Our first strategy was to retain our full membership from last year while the second was to bring in as many new people as possible. The three key events we focused on were the new student orientation fair, the student organization fair and our pizza party/welcome meeting. By concentrating on these areas we were able to start our semester in a very positive direction.


After contacting all returning members, we focused on attracting new members. The first stop on our recruitment drive was the new student orientation fair. We employed the Operational Politically Homeless Quiz, a Free Speech Wall, and a plethora of YAL swag to attract new students. We kept our table simple and inviting to appeal to freshman and transfer students.


The quiz allowed us an easy way to engage with students and serves as a great icebreaker and conversation starter. The free speech wall is inviting and showcases our tolerance for individuality to students that have been taught conformity for years. We signed up more than 25 students that day for our mailing list, which yielded two dues-paying members.

new student

org fair 1

Org fair 2

The next event was the student organization fair. We again employed the OPH quiz for the same reasons stated above. Along with the recruitment kit we added Students for Liberty’s new book, Why Liberty?. This book is a collection of essays which explain the philosophy of liberty in terms which appeal to those unfamiliar with it. We put together an informational packet which demonstrated the three key components of our group’s efforts. Why Liberty? was able to show our group’s philosophy of liberty.

org fair 3

org fair 4

The YAL Pocket Constitutions were to signify our group’s belief in a Constitutionally limited government. Our palm cards explained our political views more specifically and the events we use to draw attention to them. Again we were able to sign up more than 30 people  to our mailing list and add dues paying members to our ranks. 

 org 5

The third phase of our recruitment drive was our pizza party/informational meeting. We used the $75 Domino’s gift card to purchase pizza and soft drinks for new members and those who may be interested in joining. We also handed out free books and other free swag to those who attended to make sure that they did not leave empty handed.

meeting 1

meeting 2

In this meeting, our Executive Board gave a crash course in what YAL is, what we stand for, what we do and things of that nature. After the presentation each executive board member gave a brief history of how they became liberty minded and shared their experiences about the first year of YAL. We then led a short Q & A session in case attendees still had concerns. We closed with a small social to let everyone get to know each other and build community among the new members.

meeting 3

meeting 3

With the wrap up of our Recruitment Drive comes our first full chapter meeting on Tuesday, September 10th, and the Constitution Week national activism event on September 17th. We expect at least 15 people at our first chapter meeting. These will be full members who are committed to the cause of liberty and spreading it to their generation in order to build a free society. For an organization that turned one year young last month,  this is a promising size. In one short year, YAL at the University of New Orleans has become the biggest and most active political organization on campus. Keep an eye out for the University of New Orleans because you can expect big things from our YAL chapter this year!

meeting 4

meeting 5

meeting 6

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Advocates for Self Government for supplying the OPH quiz, Students for Liberty for supplying over 100 copies of why liberty and YAL’s national office for the Domino’s gift card.  All of these wonderful organizations supply these materials free of charge to YAL chapters.

To order you OPH quiz from the Advocates for Self Government, click here.

To order up to 500 copies of Why Liberty from Students for Liberty, click here.

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