Recruitment Drive at the University of San Francisco

Liberty is alive and well at USF! Our YAL Chapter was out and about at our Fall involvement fair. This event showcased all of the school’s clubs and organizations to the new freshmen. At our YAL booth, we handed out constitutions, triggered many conversations, and met other liberty-minded individuals.

We garnered over 20 sign-ups, and sparked a conversation around campus. Thanks to Turning Point USA, we attracted many people to our edgy signs that read “Socialism Sucks” and “Big Government Sucks”. 

A couple weeks later, we continued our recruitment at our weekly tabling sessions. We conducted a presidential straw poll, where students could vote for their favorite candidate. This was a great opportunity to recruit as well as introduce third party candidates in this election cycle. Although about 85% voted for Hillary Clinton, we were able to identify the Libertarian and Conservative voters, and give them more information about YAL.

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