Recruitment Drive at the University of South Carolina

On August 24th, University of South Carolina’s YAL Chapter held our first Fall 2016 recruitment tabling event amidst the excitement of the University’s Organization Fair. Armed with our pocket Constitutions and Ron Paul cutout in what was perhaps our most successful tabling yet, the chapter’s leadership was able to pull in many students from the crowds and get them excited about growing liberty in our school and state.

Some of the students were already interested in the ideas of liberty, and were happy to find a group that supported their views. Some had never heard of YAL or libertarianism before, and were intrigued to learn about our beliefs. Yet others were enthusiastic after taking our short political quiz and learned that they stood with us. No matter the case, our chapter was excited about meeting people of all backgrounds who will stand by our efforts to increase freedom in our nation. 

We also held an interest meeting that same night, and are proud to say that we had a substantial growth in relative terms to our chapter’s membership. We hope this new support will lead us to bigger victories for liberty on campus!

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