Recruitment Drive at Trinity College

April 6, 2018 Trinity’s Young Americans for Liberty introduced itself to the world. With a table top full of pocket constitutions and a “Don’t Tread on Me Flag” displayed proudly for all to see, Trinity’s dining hall felt just a little more free than usual. Passerby’s couldn’t help but look at the assortment of YAL material, from the constitutions, to the posters, to the campaign descriptions. It was a great experience meeting the interested students who were excited to see the emergence of a libertarian club. Even conservatives and liberals couldn’t help but stop by and voice their appreciation for our commitment to civil liberties. Some of the highlights of the day were the laughs and giggles we got from handing out “what to say to police” cards. These were not only convenient and funny but also shed light on the real problem of police brutality. It was also a pleasure debating members of the Trinity Democrats who stopped by to respectfully discuss contrasting viewpoints. After this day I feel optimistic about the future of the liberty movement at Trinity. I can’t wait for next semester with the incoming freshman class and the renewed vigor of a new year.

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