Recruitment Drive at Tulane University

Our first ever recruitment drive at Tulane went very well!

Speaking with students

Tulane has an Activities Expo each semester, and this was the first semester where we were able to take advantage of YAL’s university recognition and participate.  To recruit at the Spring Activities fair, we used the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, provided in our recruitment package.

Plotting Tulane students on the chart

When a student took the quiz, we placed a sticker on the grid to show where he or she had placed. Some students were very surprised by their results, while others fell exactly where they thought they should be. We had students say things like, “I thought I was more liberal than that!” or “I never really knew what my political affiliation was.”

President Kelly Kidwell and Vice President Harry Mochel at the YAL table

Our campus as a whole clustered in the moderate liberal and libertarian area, with only one student identifying as socially conservative.

Finished chart

While students filled out the quizzes, we talked to them about what Young Americans for Liberty was about. Most students seemed very interested in learning more and getting involved with our chapter. We even had students approach us on their own, excited that there was finally a libertarian option on campus.  

Students taking our quiz

We made sure no student left empty-handed by giving out copies of the Constitution, stickers, and free liberty-related books that we had on-hand. We were able to get more than 25 signups: more than the College Democrats or College Republicans combined. The event ran for two hours and our table was busy the entire time. Overall, it was an exciting first recruitment event, and a great kickoff to our first active semester at Tulane!

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