Recruitment Drive at UMass Amherst

I’m proud to announce that our recruitment drive at UMass Amherst was an unprecedented success!

Vice President Liam Macci and I manned a table at UMass’ biannual activities expo, which was flourishing with hundreds of students. We informed passersby about YAL’s mission and activities, with an emphasis on issues related to college life such as free speech, right to assembly, and right to bear arms. We closed with a staggering 44 signups, plus a few more on our campus’ online network. 

During our tabling we handed out pocket Constitutions, which turned out to be massively popular. We started with a whole box of them but ran out in the first hour! One gentleman said he was against laissez-faire capitalism but admitted he hadn’t heard a concrete argument in favor of it, so we also gave him our copy of Hayek’s “The Road To Serfdom.”

In addition, we handed out chalk and allowed people to write whatever they wanted on the sidewalk in front of us, in the spirit of free speech. We ran out of chalk too!

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