Recruitment Drive at University of South Carolina – Sumter, August 30 2017

Having participated in a Recruitment Drive event twice, we have learned a lot about the most efficient ways to handle the event at our campus. The area on campus that gets the most traffic is the student union building, which is busiest between 11am and 1pm. And because our campus is fairly small, it makes the most sense to conduct our event during these hours.

Overall, this seems to be our most successful recruitment event. Perhaps not due to sheer numbers, but the number of people who identified as libertarian or pro-liberty was higher than any of our previous recruitment events. Also, this was the first public club event of the semester at our campus, so hopefully we can develop a larger and more consistent presence in the perspectives of other students.

We will be doing another recruitment event soon at our campus’ club day on September 13 and hope to have the same success then.

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