Recruitment Drive at UW-Baraboo

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As our first ever recruitment drive at UW-Baraboo, we found enormous success by taking some skills learn while on campus invasions and applying it to our very our recruitment drive. We were able to inform TONS of students about what YAL is all about!

Me In Front of Set up

We had Eric wear the sandwich board to catch the eye of our fellow students.

Whole Set Upfree water


We offered candy and free cold water that had the YAL National “nutritional facts” logo to people who passed by.


Board Better


We also provided a board of founding father quotes, information on upcoming events that we are going to participate in, and the entire national list of all other YAL chapters in the country.

It was great to see so many young people interested in liberty! During the Recruitment Drive we had many signatures and we had six people showed up to the meeting. 

Grace Cutting Paper

Hippie Guy



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