Recruitment Drive at William Jewell College

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. As an incoming freshman, I reserved a YAL table at the school activities fair. Even though my chapter isn’t recognized by the school yet, after reaching out to administration and showing them I recruited an advisor, drafted a club constitution, and received materials to promote the chapter, they decided to hold a spot for me at the Fair.

I couldn’t be more proud of how the event turned out. I managed to get 30 sign-ups, which was triple my goal for this very small, progressive school. My signups included students from the College Republicans, College Democrats, economics majors, and some excited libertarians! They were particularly excited to see a new club dedicated to liberty on campus.My tabling and liberty message triggered a self-proclaimed “Scandinavian Socialist” student. We engaged in civil debate, shook hands, and parted ways, after inviting him to our first meeting.

I’m very excited to get things started with my YAL chapter. I have confidence that the presence of liberty-minded individuals is larger than I expected, and that it has just been silenced by hostile opposition. I plan to take on this opposition in an effective yet civil manner. The other side will be heard. It’s what many students want, and it’s what an open community dedicated to education and the free exchange of ideas deserves. 

I’m ready to show the city of Liberty what liberty is all about!

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