Recruitment Drive California State University Dominguez Hills

Me tabeling during welcome week.

In the two days that we tabled we got over 80 signatures. We had our first informational meeting on September 4th and had 10 people show up with already new leaders selected and an adviser found. Also, we are planning an event during Constitution Week on the 4th Amendment.

The thing about CSUDH is that one would expect it to be a lost cause. The American Socialist Party has tabled here, and people were gathering registered voters for Obama. The atmosphere of the campus seemed to the far left and I myself felt that we couldn’t build a base here. But I was proved wrong as in the example of the Operation Politically Homeless Quiz results. There was a large number of people who were either libertarians or in the center, and comparatively few who were statists or leftists. This surprised me greatly. 

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