Recruitment Drive – Clarion University of Pennsylvania

I am the founding member of YAL here at Clarion, and this past Monday was my first recruitment drive. For the recruitment drive I stood outside at a free speech area clip-boarding. In order to get the attention of people I’d ask: What’s your biggest issue in politics today? I was surprised by the response I received. Most of the people who stopped and talked to me cringed at first, and told me how they were disgusted with the two party system. Most people were not happy with the two candidates that the parties nominated. Many were excited when I told them about the pro-liberty stances of YAL, and many were interested in getting involved.

In total, I received 26 sign-ups. That is a lot more than I expected! I am hoping that people will spread the word about YAL, and that more will want to get involved. Since I am still waiting for the university to email me about receiving recognized status, more sign-ups should make them realize that students want to have YAL on campus.

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