Recruitment Drive – DePauw University, August 2018

On Friday, August 28, DePauw University hosted its annual activity fair, where the school’s multitude of student organizations presented themselves before the freshman class. This was an obvious chance for a new YAL chapter to gain large appeal and set the tone for the fall semester. I am the sole representative of YAL at DePauw, but I am eager to find others who are ambitious enough to launch a new political organization founded on the protection of individual rights under a limited government. I solicited the help of Mitchell Steffen, field rep for the Leadership Institute as well as an Indiana State Chair, who was incredibly generous in spending the evening showing a new chapter president the ropes of tabling. 

To be honest, I had some apprehension about our presence at the fair. DePauw is a private, liberal arts institution with a student body of only 2,300-2,400 students. I figured that I’d be on very thin ice should something occur that would trigger negative rumors about YAL around campus. Such news would take little time to make its way around a school as small as ours. In addition, leadership over a new organization has been quite foreign to me. I see YAL as possessing the ability to truly challenge me not just as a political thinker but as an individual in general. This process certainly will not come without its trials. 

Fortunately, Mitchell and I succeeded in surpassing our goal of 30 signups with 39 in total. Considering the tiny size of the student population, we were both elated to have done so well. Even the DePauw Tigers mascot was quite intrigued by our message of personal and economic freedom. All eyes ahead as our kick-off meeting approaches in the next week!

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