Recruitment Drive, George Washington University

GW YAL participated in our school’s club fair on Saturday September 2nd. Our recruitment drive received a strong response and we successfully created excitement about YAL for this semester. In a short amount of time we were able to get about 60 new sign-ups. Many people were interested in taking the world’s smallest political quiz. This served as a terrific way to introduce people to Libertarianism and get people talking about issues that are important to them. Some people ended up in the libertarian quadrant that did not expect it. We were able to demonstrate common ground that libertarians have with different political traditions or ideologies. With new students, we discussed some of our plans for the years including potential speakers and ideas for activism events. Some students were particularly excited for a three-way debate with college Democrats and Republicans that will take place later this year. Overall, our recruitment drive was a great success and we were able to get a lot of new members for this upcoming year.YAL  

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