Recruitment Drive – Indiana State University

Yesterday, September 1st, the Indiana State University YAL chapter held our first Recruitment Drive. We participated in the Student Organization Fair with over 100 other student organizations and showcased what we had to offer! The weather wasn’t the greatest, so there was not much turnout as is, but we still managed to get 75 Sign-ups from people that were generally interested. Many stopped and talked about the libertarian perspective with us and held logical conversations. Every time we reached out to a student or were approached, we offered them the political quiz to see how they compared to our views. This is how we assured they’d fit in!

At the Student Organization Fair, I was approached by several other political organizations asking if we would be interested in having a campus debate! Of course we obliged and the planning is in the works! When that occurs, I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos for all of you to see.

With the weather being rough and the wind not being on our side, I couldn’t table as I wished. We had liberty pong, YAL recruitment kit items, and materials from the Leadership Institute setup. However, the wind became a problem. A majority of the items started blowing away, and therefore we had to adjust accordingly.

Our first chapter meeting will be held within the next two weeks. I will be posting another blog about our meeting.

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