Recruitment Drive: YAL at University of Central Arkansas

We had an extremely successful Recruitment Drive here at the University of Central Arkansas. We had a table at our campus’ club fair (Conway Daze) which was on Wednesday, August 21. We got over 180 sign-ups in just two hours!

Here’s the video I put together of the event:

Half of our table had tons of free material for students to take with them. Like last year, we also used custom plastic bags with our logo on them so that even after students left our booth, they would be promoting YAL.


We had “Liberty Pong” set up at the other half of our table. Students would stand on the white line and toss ping pong balls into cups for a chance to win a free trip to Orlando, FL for the RightOnline Conference sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Foundation!


There was even a gigantic eagle who stopped by our booth for a game of Liberty Pong! (I’m not even kidding.)


You can check out the rest of our photos from Conway Daze here.

We used Conway Daze to promote our first meeting of the semester, which was held on the immediate Friday. We got an additional fifteen members from the first meeting alone! 

Thanks to the $75 gift card in the recruitment kit, we were able to feed a bunch of starving college kids while we all discussed our plans for the year.


We gave a brief history about Young Americans for Liberty for all of the new members and also talked about reasons we need committed activists for free markets & small government. 


We then talked about our plans for the upcoming semester (such as what we will be doing during Constitution Week) and brainstormed things we could do on September 11th, which speakers we can bring in, and so on. 


This was by far our most successful recruitment week yet as we collected the most sign-ups in a single day than we ever have. We are all looking forward to having an awesome semester with a great group of activists!

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