Recruitment Efforts at NC State University

As everyone knows, its that time of year again! Students have begun arriving back to campus, and it’s the perfect time to recruit freshmen eager to get involved!                     

Campus Crawl tabling Event

As YAL suggested, back in July we signed up to be apart of both Campus Crawl and NC State’s Organization fair, activities planned by the university to inform students of the many possibilities on campus. In addition, we decided to table on our own time in high traffic areas. I was even lucky enough to borrow a friend’s dog, Mr. Whippy, to help attract new recruits. He was a huge success. 

Tabling, 8/30/2012

Our efforts were well worth the time, and I have been happy to spend hours adding the 100 or so new contacts to our email account. We will continue our tabling efforts throughout the semester in hopes of seeing our meeting attendance rise.

Good luck to everyone on their efforts!

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