Recruitment event and Constitution Week for Coe College

Constitution dayYAL @ Coe College had a great start to the year. We started out doing a recruitment event at the student organization fair. We gave out free swag to tons of new people. James, our PR chair, even decided to dress up, so we could look more professional (seen in the picture below). It was hot, but he sweated it out. We had 15 new members sign up to be on our email list. And one even joined YAL.

Recruitment events Our next event was Constitution Week.

When we got all the pocket Constitutions in the mail from YAL National, I was shocked. I had never seen so many at one time!

We used some of our funds to buy stickers, and then we wrote our meeting time on the back of them. That worked well to get people to attend. We also had people take political quizzes to try to convince them that they are Young Americans for Liberty. All in all it was a great event!

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