Recruitment Success at Bradley University

Last week, one of our state chairs, Nathan Berning, drove down to Bradley University in Peoria to help me recruit. As a new member to YAL, I was admittedly nervous at first, and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. But by the end of the day, Nathan and I were able to sign up 30 students for my chapter! I was surprised to see how well people responded to our pitch, but extremely excited at the same time. In the student center where we were recruiting, a few other organizations on campus had also set up tables to promote different events, fundraisers, and clubs. After talking with some of them, we were able to recruit 7 girls from the same sorority who were very excited about the possibility of bringing speakers to campus as well as activism events. Their interest in YAL was unexpected, but their feedback got me really excited for the future of my chapter at Bradley. Overall, many of the students we talked to seemed very interested in what we were doing, and expressed that they are looking forward to YAL events in the future!

After my first recruitment drive, I feel extremely optimistic about growing my YAL chapter on campus. I met a lot of quality leads that may want to join my executive board, and am already working with Nathan to plan another recruitment drive in the near future as well as a possible speaking event this semester! Although I was nervous at first, this experience reminded me why our fight is so important. Bradley students were very receptive to our initiative, and I can’t wait to start spreading our message across the campus and really getting people thinking about the principles of liberty that we value so closely!

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