Recruitment Success at Georgia Tech

Our YAL chapter at Georgia Tech tabled both last week and this week. We were actually kicked out from the tabling area last week because another group had reserved all of the space. Nevertheless, we were still able to obtain more than 50 signups combined, with 25 just obtained yesterday!

Obviously when recruiting one needs to get students’ attention, so we set up speakers, blasted music, and then approached people passing by and had them take the political quiz. We had a poster set up as well that showed the chart along with major political figures’ positions on it, which attracted even more students to our table.

Over the weekend, I also received three sizable boxes full of books (Bastiat’s The Law, Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson, etc.), courtesy of the Foundation for Economic Education, which we gave out yesterday during tabling.

After a couple years of the Georgia Tech chapter laying dormant, it’s encouraging to see that the desire for liberty is still alive and growing on campus. We are tabling again today, and our next meeting is this Thursday  we’re looking forward to seeing lots of new faces excited about liberty!

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