Recruitment Success at Purdue University

 Purdue YAL recruitment

It has been an exciting start to the year at Purdue University!

Thanks to the materials we received for our Recruitment Drive, we were able to be very successful in recruiting potential new members at the Purdue B-Involved Fair. On that one day of recruiting, we had 60 new people sign up for our email list. At our call-out meeting, we had 16 new faces there, in addition to several returning members.

In addition to the B-Involved Fair, we spread flyers and chalked around campus to promote our call-out. We were also pleased to be able to welcome our new members to the club by taking five of the new members to see Ron Paul speak at Depauw University. It appears that we have gained several dedicated members, and that this semester will be a successful one for us!

 Purdue YAL at Ron Paul event

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