Recruitment Week continues at Ohio State!

As mentioned previously, YAL at Ohio State was able to collect almost 300 new sign ups at the OSU Student Involvement Fair. The chapter followed up with their Call Out meeting Monday night. 

Over 30 new, interested students joined the old members at the meeting! 

The meeting began with a short video put together by the chapter president, David Parker

This was followed by each of the chapter’s officers talking briefly about one of YAL at OSU’s tenets: Community, Activism, and Leadership. 

A week of hard work yielded great results for the chapter. Also, as promised, here is a summary of the materials the chapter had put together for its recruitment drive. 

YAL at OSU Brochure (click here for larger size): 

YAL at OSU Brochure

YAL Magnets:

YAL Magnet

YAL Magnet

YAL at OSU Cups:

YAL at OSU Cups

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