I wrote this post to inspire and provide tips to those groups struggling to net members.

Talk to your other members to make sure you all are on the same page

Have a meeting with the existing members of your group to make sure that all of you are on the same page with what “script” you will be using when talking to students. Go over certain ideals about YAL that inspire you to want to spread liberty. Talk about current, hot political issues and discuss the answers that libertarian-ism provides to those problems. For us here at Miami, we talked about personal rights and keeping the government out of those rights (i.e., keeping them personal). We also talked about the strictness of marijuana laws and the imbalance of the justice system when a man can serve 22 years in prison for marijuana but only 3 months for rape. We also spoke about a fair and equal meeting places for our members where their ideas won’t be berated and belittled if other members don’t agree. A place for friendly debate.
 Keep it short

Keep your message short and simple. Don’t overload the potential member with the policies and a rundown of beliefs that liberty lovers have just yet. That can come later. Draw up four, five, or even six bullet points that you and your other members pull together during your meeting. If asked though, don’t be afraid to delve into the specifics of a certain policy! Remember, recruitment is about exciting students about liberty and the meeting is about educating them and giving them the bug to spread it! 

Be friendly

This is probably the most important aspect of recruiting in my mind. Be friendly and smile. Don’t sit behind your table. Always be standing and engaging with those who pass by. Introduce yourselves to them and shake hands. Show them that YAL has a place for everyone and anyone who loves liberty. 

Have mobile troops

What happens if I’m stuck with a table in the nosebleeds or no table at all? Not to worry. Having a table is wonderful but it isn’t always necessary. Break out the clipboards and walk around. Approach large groups of people and engage them in the same way you would if they were at your table. Having two systems for recruitment is essential in trying to drive a good recruitment experience. If you’re apart of the mobile troops, use the same sort of “script” you would use if they were at your table but encourage them to come visit your table to learn more.

Prior to our recruitment, the Miami of Ohio YAL chapter had three members. Using the aforementioned tips, we were able to gather TEN signatures of people who are ready to spread liberty. Don’t get discouraged if attempts at recruitment don’t yield the type of results you were initially hoping for. Stay positive and keep trying. Your efforts will win the day and get you the members you want!

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