“Red Dawn” Movie Night at Kent State University YAL

On Thursday, February 22nd, Kent State’s YAL enjoyed a night of popcorn, candy, soda, and action packed cinema watching “Red Dawn” (2012). We invited the members of the campuses recently defunct TPUSA chapter to join us and get to know the members of our club and our fight for liberty on campus. We discussed strategies and plans for activism on campus for the rest of the semester and invited everyone to the Spring Summit in Cleveland in April.  We all enjoyed watching the modern rendition of the cult 80s classic “Red Dawn,” where a group of American high school students in the Pacific Northwest form a guerrilla insurgent unit called the “Wolverines,” based off their high school mascot, to resist a Communist military invasion and occupation. Our members and guests enjoyed all the generously provided snacks and junk food and we even watched some parody videos on Youtube before the movie started.

After the movie,  we enjoyed speculating and postulating over how we would act in the same situation, and discussing how our peaceful fight for liberty on campus mirrored the struggle of the Wolverines in principle, passion, and difficulty. While discussing these topics with my fellow freedom fighters, I realized that even when the odds are against you, and the system is not in your favor, the principles of freedom are worth fighting for. As American’s we have enjoyed the privilege of fighting out battles far from home for a long time, and the reality is that there may be a day when the battle returns to our shores. “Red Dawn” is both an entertaining film and dire warning, that freedom is but a morning away from extinction if you aren’t willing to defend it.

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