Redditor: “My Taxes Killed 1.88 People”

American tax dollars at work:

Approximately 20% of the US budget goes to “defense.”

130,000 deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I do well for myself, and have paid about $500,000 in federal taxes since the War in Afghanistan began 10 years ago.


With the federal budget at about 3.4 trillion, I pay approximately 0.0000144 of the total budget. Thus, I assume that I have paid for 0.0000144 of all deaths in America’s wars.

0.00144% of 130,000 deaths is 1.88 people.

Big government kills. Anytime people demand more government or more taxation, all they are asking for is more funding for the insatiable military war machine. And even more death and ruin courtesy of you, the American taxpayer.

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