Redistribution Falls at FAU

Everyone Playing the Game

For Free Markets 101, YAL @ Florida Atlantic University played Jenganomics and gained some new members in the process!

We made the game so you could hold on to the tower only while pulling out the piece you wanted and you needed to give a “reason” for why you wanted to redistribute this money and how you’d do it. There was also an option to not redistribute but you would need to redistribute twice on your next turn.

Header Picture

Some of the redistribution ideas were

  • Print more money
  • Increase student loans
  • Create new government agencies
  • Create crazy new and completely unconstitutional laws

We also had Milton Friedman join in just for good measure:

Milton Friedman

In the end, we found that we’re pretty good re-distributors:

We're good 1

But ultimately, redistribution always just results in an enormous crash to the bottom and a couple hurt heads… (They’re pretty big blocks.)

We also went to a colloquium about foreign policy and debated with others the merits of staying to our own business and simply reducing the growth of our government.

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