Regarding The Lap Bomber Incident…

umarI found this great article that asks very interesting and relevant questions by Justin Raimondo.  He mentions  important facts that have not yet been touched by the mainstream media. Some of them are even a bit eerie.

In the article, you find an interesting eye witness account from Kurt Haskell, who was on the same plane with the terrorist. Haskell testified that he saw the terrorist approached the check in counter with an Indian man and that the Indian man did all the talking. The Indian man also claimed that the terrorist did not have a passport. Oddly enough, the terrorist was silent throughout the entire exchange. Eventually, the terrorist was admitted to the plane.

It is not only disturbing that Umar AbdulMuttallab was admitted to the plane, but that a different man was arrested after a bomb sniffing dog detected a bomb in his bag, according to  FBI officials.  Janet Napolitano’s statement about how supposedly the “system worked” is  not only deceiving but a reminder of how failure lurks within our own government. I highly encourage everyone to read this article; it has some great insight.

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