Reinventing YAL @ UT-Austin

My mom introduced me to Ron Paul in late 2011, and I read Liberty Defined the next week. I developed an idea of libertarianism throughout 2012 and had an interest in voluntarism by sometime around March 2013.

Then, one fateful morning in early October 2013, an intrepid Young Americans for Liberty regional director contacted me about joining the local Libertarian Longhorns group at the University of Texas at Austin. Luckily, this heroine was there to guide me toward a liberty-oriented group on campus: She challenged me to start my own!

At first, I was reluctant and intimidated by such an opportunity just falling in my lap. I had no experience leading an organization and had really been more-or-less a freelance member in most of the organizations I joined over the years. I denied any serious leadership involvement in the organization, but after a heated discussion about, in my parents words, what “an idiot,” I was for passing up an opportunity to lead an organization that matched my political passions, I reconsidered and immediately assumed responsibility for reconstructing the organization.

The story in between now and that October conversation involves me and my chapter’s then-VP, who was also involved with the Libertarian Longhorns. I tabled the week prior to Students for Liberty’s Austin Regional Conference in November 2013, during which time I met some interested students, as well as some awesome people the weekend of the conference. I also found six dedicated officers for our new YAL chapter, who are now some of my best friends and amazing people inspired by the message of liberty. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy one second of it!

Young Americans for Liberty at The University of Texas at Austin, which is the collaborative effort of me and my officers, is an organization with a growing handful of people who are interested and inquisitive regarding libertarian principles. Our Spring 2014 Recruitment Drive landed 70 people on our email list, with another 20 people coming to first information session, and a weekly average attendance of 8 members, excluding the six officers, throughout the first month of the semester.

We plan to have tabling operations and events on The University of Texas at Austin campus to raise awareness of our organization and message throughout the semester.

And, of course, I can’t wait to see how we do in the Fall since we’re doing so well in the Spring!

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