Relentless Police Quotas

I miss discussing state and local issues.

Nothing really disgusts me more on a personal day-to-day basis than the traffic quota. I live in the city of Houston, where it is against state law for police departments to partake  in such practices (See the TTC Section 720.002). But because police jobs depend on revenue, quotas continue. It is only natural for entities like the police department to find whatever means necessary to stave off layoffs and cuts.  It is a survival mechanism. It’s even a way for departments to determine an officer’s value to their force. Yet from the “join HPD” and “become a Harris county deputy now” advertisement campaigns, one would not think that there was budget trouble. 

Even more ridiculous is that the Houston and Harris county officials will blatantly deny such practices even in the midst of a surge of police presence throughout the city at the beginning, middle, and end of the month. It is as if they are catching up on something… 

Maybe I’m just blowing off steam from waiting in a crowded line like cattle at the county courthouse for hours to pay my bogus tickets that I can barely afford because I’m in college. If anything, unjust practices like quotas just give people like myself motivation to get rid of the practice once out of law school.  

Enough about Houston. At least in other cities like New York and Chicago they are open about it. Last month in Illinois, a bill to kill quotas died in the house. Then you have NYPD leaders being caught on tape pressing quotas. Even in Ft. Worth they are falsifying tickets for overtime, and in Poland there was an officer who ticketed himself to meet a quota. And who could forget the ticket of the decade.  

I have carried on numerous conversations with friends and strangers alike, that agree about limiting the police’s arbitrary power. It’s an across the ideological boundary youth issue. 

Sigh… Maybe quotas will go away… when pigs fly.. O wait!

Apparently they were going to fly above the highways to cite registration, speeding, and inspection violations. Good thing this video was released a while back. 

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