Religion and Liberty

Regarding the heavily critical feedback by folks objecting to this reference of Christianity on the blog, I have something to say:

There is no conflict between private, non-coercive practice of religion and libertarianism. In fact, so long as religious folks practice their faith in a manner consistent with the non-aggression principle,  religious organizations will be essential to maintaining the strength and integrity of the free society.

I say this as a nominally Catholic secularist, who, having read Murray Rothbard and Thomas Woods, acknowledges the objectively profound contribution of Christianity to the philosophy of liberty. Non-believers are more than welcome to personally reject God in all forms — and they certainly don’t have to adopt the quirky Blockian position I find myself inclined towards — but if a libertarian Christian seeks to express his personal opinion on religion, I see no reason for adherents to a “live-and-let live” philosophy to be outraged over it.

If someone were advocating the coercive imposition of religious values on people, folks would be right to blow the “unlibertarian,” whistle… But it was just a picture, guys. :/

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