Remember, Remember the 5th of November. Elizabethtown Remembered. Did You?

V for Vendetta Poster

On Guy Fawkes Day (November 5th), Elizabethtown College Young Americans for Liberty joined other liberty groups across the nation in screening the cult classic, V for Vendetta.

If you haven’t been following our work over here in Elizabethtown, you should know we started our chapter just this summer on our small campus and are already off to a fantastic start. As a result of heavy promotion, we had over 40 attendees come out to watch the film. We were able to acquire some new sign-ups, sell some more of our stickers from our Homecoming fundraiser, hand out a bunch of resources, and pass out some information about the real Guy Fawkes (part of which is featured below).

Guy Fawkes Handout

As advertised on our flyers, we offered free drinks, free popcorn, and free stuff (the wonderful materials from YAL and SFL). We had a much larger turnout than anticipated and ran out of popcorn and drinks. Our chapter heavily promoted prior to the event using social media, a large banner, and flyers. We took advantage of the high interest from the student body to watch a film they were familiar with on the iconic date. We used November 5th as an opportunity to promote our chapter and conduct outreach to new members.


We also hosted a professor-led discussion immediately afterward and talked about the ideas of the film and YAL with interested students. Overall, the event was so well received we are considering making it an annual tradition. Next time, we’ll just have to stock up on concessions!


V Mask




Like our page and check out some more of our pictures from the event:


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