Report from Pittsburgh: “State Terrorism”

Writes YAL blog reade Troy Heagy:

I am a resident in Pittsburgh and work at the University of Pittsburgh.  I was not a protester during G-20, but living and working in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, I happened to be caught in what amounted to riot police assaulting the entire Oakland area indiscriminately with pepper gas, LRAD, rubber bullets and billy clubs.   I wasn’t sure if you were aware of the situation, but I wanted to let as many people know what happened here in Pittsburgh as I can…

I very strongly feel that Oakland was a victim of malicious and un-checked State Terrorism over the course of the last few days and the world needs to know about what happened here…

Heagy provides links to:

  • An entire site devoted to chronicling police brutality at the G20 summit.
  • A video where armed police take over a college dorm.  As the policeman puts it: “It’s almost like if the government came in and declared martial law…but it’s not.”  Right, because we can’t even be bothered with such pitiful formalities.
  • And two local stories covering the protests.
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